Prompt Carpet Cleaning

Say goodbye to stained carpets and rugs with prompt carpet and rug cleaning services from Reliable Carpet Cleaning based in Liverpool, New York. For your convenience, upholstery cleaning is also available to restore your fabrics to their original conditions.

Our Specialized Approach to Cleaning

About 80% of the dirt in your carpet is loose soil. The other 20% is ground into the carpet fibers, making it essential to vacuum first! After vacuuming, a pre-spotter is sprayed on any stains, and then we spray an encapsulation chemical using a low-moisture sprayer to get ground-in debris.

From there, the crew uses an oscillating machine with a bonnet pad to scrub the carpet clean. The encapsulation chemical dries into a crystallized form (about an hour) to remove all moisture from your carpets. For your convenience, you can remove the hardened material easily with a vacuum cleaner.


  1. Less water introduced into your carpet, which leads to quicker dry times.
  2. All cleaning solutions are environmentally safe.
  3. No hoses running through your home.
  4. Machines will lift the carpet pile backup.
  5. Sanitizes and deoderizes with no extra cost.

Additional Cleaning & Treatments

  • Special Pet Stain & Odor Control (Pet Dandruff) Treatments
  • Scotchgard™
  • Area Rug Cleaning

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